MAPH104 Series

1 Inlet 4 Outlet Fliud Electrical Slip Ring

MAPH104 is 1 passage Pneumatic /Hydraulic + 2~96rings Electrical Slip Ring. Connection size including: M5,G1/8", G1/4", G3/8",G1/2" and bigger on request. Electrical rings including power wire, signal wire,Ethernet, USB, Industrial BUS, control Net, and all kinds of sensitive signal, etc. Normally use flange for installation, hollow shaft intallation on request.

Media Types: Air/Gas,hydrogen,Nitrogen,Chemical, Water,Oil,etc.

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax Rotating SpeedWorking LifeSealing Element
VC100RPM10 Million RevsCommon Seals
VD300RPM30 Million RevsHigh-Quality Seals

Part# List

MAPH104-01, MAPH104-02 Pnuematic/Hydraulic Hybrid Slip Ring
1)XX=01 Connection sizeM5 Pipe size3~6mm
2)XX=02 Connection sizeG1/8 Pipe size3~10mm
Part#Pnuematic/Hydraulic Passage10ASignal or 5ALength-L (mm)Part#Pnuematic/Hydraulic Passage10ASignal or 5ALength-L (mm)
MAPH104-XX-S061 Passage0638MAPH104-XX-P0810-S101 Passage81071.6
MAPH104-XX-P0210-S041 Passage2438MAPH104-XX-P1010-S081 Passage10871.6
MAPH104-XX-P0410-S021 Passage4238MAPH104-XX-P1210-S061 Passage12671.6
MAPH104-XX-P06101 Passage6038MAPH104-XX-P1410-S041 Passage14471.6
MAPH104-XX-S121 Passage12054.8MAPH104-XX-P1610-S021 Passage16271.6
MAPH104-XX-P0210-S101 Passage21054.8MAPH104-XX-S241 Passage02488.4
MAPH104-XX-P0310-S091 Passage3954.8MAPH104-XX-P0410-S201 Passage42088.4
MAPH104-XX-P0610-S061 Passage6654.8MAPH104-XX-P0610-S181 Passage61888.4
MAPH104-XX-P0810-S041 Passage8454.8MAPH104-XX-P1210-S121 Passage121288.4
MAPH104-XX-P1010-S021 Passage10254.8MAPH104-XX-S301 Passage030105.2
MAPH104-XX-P12101 Passage12054.8MAPH104-XX-P0610-S241 Passage624105.2
MAPH104-XX-S181 Passage01871.6MAPH104-XX-S361 Passage036125
MAPH104-XX-P0210-S161 Passage21671.6MAPH104-XX-S421 Passage042141.8
MAPH104-XX-P0410-S141 Passage41471.6MAPH104-XX-S481 Passage048158.6
MAPH104-XX-P0610-S121 Passage61271.6

Note:N channels 10A rings parallel can be used as 1 channel N*10A current. For example: 2 rings 10A parallel could be used as 1 wires 20A.10A and Signal(5A) can be combine in any way as you need.Max.ring:96 rings,can be customized based on standard slip rings.Please contact us.

MAPH104-03, MAPH104-04, MAPH104-05Pnuematic/Hydraulic Hybrid Slip Ring
1)XX=03 Connection sizeG1/4
2)XX=04 Connection sizeG3/8
3)XX=05 Connection sizeG1/2
Part#Pnuematic/Hydraulic Passage10ASignal or 5ALength-L (mm)Part#Pnuematic/Hydraulic Passage10ASignal or 5ALength-L (mm)
MAPH104-XX-S061 Passage0645.2MAPH104-XX-S361 Passage036150.2
MAPH104-XX-P0210-S041 Passage2445.2MAPH104-XX-P0610-S301 Passage630150.2
MAPH104-XX-P0410-S021 Passage4245.2MAPH104-XX-P1210-S241 Passage1224150.2
MAPH104-XX-P06101 Passage6045.2MAPH104-XX-P36101 Passage360150.2
MAPH104-XX-S121 Passage01265.6MAPH104-XX-S421 Passage042170.6
MAPH104-XX-P0210-S101 Passage21065.6MAPH104-XX-P0610-S361 Passage636170.6
MAPH104-XX-P0310-S091 Passage3965.6MAPH104-XX-P1210-S301 Passage1230170.6
MAPH104-XX-P0610-S061 Passage6665.6MAPH104-XX-P42101 Passage420170.6
MAPH104-XX-P0810-S041 Passage8465.6MAPH104-XX-S481 Passage048191
MAPH104-XX-P1010-S021 Passage10265.6MAPH104-XX-P0610-S421 Passage642191
MAPH104-XX-P12101 Passage12065.6MAPH104-XX-P1210-S361 Passage1236191
MAPH104-XX-S181 Passage01886MAPH104-XX-P1810-S301 Passage1830191
MAPH104-XX-P0210-S161 Passage21686MAPH104-XX-P2410-S241 Passage2424191
MAPH104-XX-P0410-S141 Passage41486MAPH104-XX-P48101 Passage480191
MAPH104-XX-P0610-S121 Passage61286MAPH104-XX-S601 Passage060231.8
MAPH104-XX-P0810-S101 Passage81086MAPH104-XX-P0610-S541 Passage654231.8
MAPH104-XX-P1010-S081 Passage10886MAPH104-XX-P0910-S511 Passage951231.8
MAPH104-XX-P1210-S061 Passage12686MAPH104-XX-P1210-S481 Passage1248231.8
MAPH104-XX-P1410-S041 Passage14486MAPH104-XX-P2410-S361 Passage2436231.8
MAPH104-XX-P1610-S021 Passage16286MAPH104-XX-S721 Passage072275.6
MAPH104-XX-S241 Passage024106.4MAPH104-XX-P1210-S601 Passage1260275.6
MAPH104-XX-P0410-S201 Passage420106.4MAPH104-XX-P2410-S481 Passage2448275.6
MAPH104-XX-P0610-S181 Passage618106.4MAPH104-XX-P3610-S361 Passage3636275.6
MAPH104-XX-P1210-S121 Passage1212106.4MAPH104-XX-S841 Passage084316.4
MAPH104-XX-P1810-S061 Passage186106.4MAPH104-XX-P1210-S721 Passage1272316.4
MAPH104-XX-P24101 Passage240106.4MAPH104-XX-P2410-S601 Passage2460316.4
MAPH104-XX-S301 Passage030126.8MAPH104-XX-P3610-S481 Passage3648316.4
MAPH104-XX-P0610-S241 Passage624126.8MAPH104-XX-S961 Passage096357.2
MAPH104-XX-P1210-S181 Passage1218126.8MAPH104-XX-P1210-S841 Passage1284357.2
MAPH104-XX-P1810-S121 Passage1812126.8MAPH104-XX-P2410-S721 Passage2472357.2
MAPH104-XX-P2410-S061 Passage246126.8MAPH104-XX-P3610-S601 Passage3660357.2
MAPH104-XX-P30101 Passage300126.8MAPH104-XX-P4210-S541 Passage3660357.2

Note:N channels 10A rings parallel can be used as 1 channel N*10A current. For example: 2 rings 10A parallel could be used as 1 wires 20A.10A and Signal(5A) can be combine in any way as you need.Max.ring:96 rings,can be customized based on standard slip rings.Please contact us.

Rotary Union SpecificationsMechanical Data
Passage1 inlet 4 outletsWorking LifeSee Product Quality Level Table
Max Pressure10MPa;Vacuum 0.01torrRotating SpeedSee Product Quality Level Table
Torquedepend on conection sizeWorking Temperature-30℃~80℃
Electrical DataOperating Humidity0~85% RH
ParameterValueContact MaterialPrecious Metal
PowerSignalHousing MaterialAluminium Alloy
Rated Voltage0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDCProtection GradeIP51
Insulation Resistance≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Lead WiresAWG16#TeflonAWG22#Teflon
Lead LengthStandard 300mm(adjustable)
Insulation Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Electrical Noise<0.01Ω
Lead Wires Color Code

Note: 6 wires for 1 group colors, from 7-12, repeat the same color as 1...6, indicated with number code pipe

Note: Below special demands can be customized. According, the delivery date will be extended 3 to 15 days; also the cost will be increased 30% to 50%. Most of our basic parts are standard and modular, which can save the cost and lead time.

① Cable exit way and cable length can be customized for both rotor and stator.

② Because of the structure limitation, length/height/OD can be customized on your request.

③ Support current or signal up to 200 rings.

④ Aviation plug, terminal and heat-shrink tube are optional.

⑤ Hybrid slip ring for Yaskawa/Panasonic/Siemens servo control signal, power line and encoder line.

⑥ Support mixed high speed data transmission (including Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, Profibus, CanBUS, CANOPEN, DeviceNET, CC-LINK, ProfiNET, EtherCAT, etc.)

⑦ Can combine temperature control signal with thermocouple signal.

⑧ Special environment can be customized, such as quakeproof, high temperature, etc.

⑨ Hybrid Pneumatic/hydraulic and electric slip ring can be mixed.

⑩ High temperature can up to 500 degrees.

⑪ High pressure can up to 110KV.

⑫ Rotating speed can up to 10000RPM.

⑬ Maximum current can up to 5000 amperes.

⑭ Military grade.

⑮ Optional for underwater IP65, IP68.

⑯ Optional for stainless steel housing.

Technical support:

Build On Your Request/Special requirements

MOFLON specialize in customized solutions, Now our models have over 12000, and over 80% model are customized on customer request and base on technology and full experience, our slip ring solution including traditionary carbon brush, gold wire contact, gold fiber brush contact, no contact transmit, each solution application depend on the customer real application request with economically, high quality and reliability.

Now, Let's start - how to build on request?

Customized Order Instructions:


For example::
  • if order MAPH104 with  65wires*signal,the model should be MAPH104-S65.
  • if order MAPH104 with 12wires*signal + 3wires*10A,the model should be MAPH104-P0310-S12

  • Other requirements:
    Please describe the following special requirements:Length restrict, height restrict, other size restrict,wire exit direction,lead wire length,connectors,high temperature,large current,military grade, and some other options, and Send email to us:

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