MB - Industrial Bus Slip Rings

Industry bus slip ring is specially designed for various industrial bus transmission, supporting various bus, such as Profibus,CanBUS,CANOPEN,DeviceNET and son on. It can combine with digital/analog video, digital audio, Gigabit Ethernet, temperature, weight sensor signal and all kinds of power signals.

  • MB series slip rings can support Profibus, EtherCAT,CanBUS, CANOPEN, DeviceNET, CC-LINK, ProfiNET, etc. 
  • High rate industry field-bus with slip ring.
  • Super-strong capacity of anti-interference.
  • Special shield for inner structure.
  • Guarantee 100% communication without dead point.
  • Specially designed for high rate data and error free transmission.
  • Invention Patent.
  • Contact parts adopt rare metals and hard gold plating treatment process, guaranteeing wear-resisting and oxidation resistance, which ensures long working life.
Model# Pic Bore Size(mm)OD(mm)Bus NumPower/Signal Details
12.7691~41~48 Details>>
25.4861~41~72 Details>>
--861~41~72 Details>>
38.1991~41~72 Details>>
501201~41~96 Details>>

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