MHF-High Frequency Slipring

    MHF series High Frequency/Coaxial/Waveguide Rotary Joint (Slip Ring) is specifically designed to support high-speed serial digital signals or analog signal transmission, as well as support radar antenna、communication in moving、input signal in moving, etc. It can support maximum transfer rate 40GHz. This series product can support single channel high frequency transmissions, also support high-frequency signal transmission combining with 24V control signal, communication signal, power supply and fluid media. Video signal adopt 75Ω characteristic impedance. High-frequency signal adopts 50Ωcharacteristic impedance RF coaxial connector.(other specified connectors are switchable, also Lead wire size are optional, such as RG178、RG179,RG316、RG174,etc);
  • Support 1,2,3,4 high-frequency channel/channels.
  • Can combine 1~96 rings power/signal.
  • Perfect VSWR
  • Suitable for large volume data transmission without delay
  • High-rate transmission and high-definition video data
  • Widely applied for satellite、radar、portable antenna、 equipments of communication in moving,etc.
Model# Pic HF/RF ChannelMax Frequency(GHz)CircuitsOD(mm) Details
13-30GHZ--18 Details>>
1DC-3GHZ0-2433 Details>>
1DC-30GHZ1-4856 Details>>
1DC-30GHZ1-9686 Details>>
24.5GHZ;18GHZ--31.8 Details>>
24.5GHZ;18GHZ1-9686 Details>>
32.5GHZ--65 Details>>
42.5GHZ--65 Details>>

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