MSDI-HD-SDI/1080P Slipring

    MSDI series HD-SDI slip ring employs superb imported components and brings in high-frequency signal processing technique in USA. MSDI series HD-SDI slip rings are high-end products, specially designed to support high definition video signal 1080P. This series slip ring can support max transfer rate 2.5GHZ, also can combine with 1~24 circuits signal and weak current.
  • This series slip ring deals with brushes for hard gold plating, which guarantees the low resistance fluctuation and long working life.
  • This product is mainly used for transmitting weak controlling signal for small and medium application, such as video, control, sensor, power, Ethernet, etc.
  • Typical application: HD security monitor, photographic camera, HD camera.
Model# Pic HD-SDIFrequencyGHz)Signal/2A10AOD X Length(mm) Details
1 channel RG-179(5Ω)DC-3GHz1-421-2456mm(38~122mm) Details>>
1080P1 channel RG-179(5Ω)----6.6*18mm Details>>
1 channel RG-179(5Ω)DC-3GHz12--24.8*29.6mm Details>>
1 channel RG-179(5Ω)DC-3GHz16--22.0*28.8mm Details>>
1 channel RG-179(5Ω)DC-3GHz24--32.8*46.71mm Details>>
1 channel RG-179(5Ω)DC-3GHz30--32.8*46.71mm Details>>

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