Requirements:large current,high protection
Recommendation:MW series large current slip ring,MT series slip ring,MFO series fiber optic slip ring and other customized slip rings.

◈  stable performance,long life,easy maintenance
◈ high protection grade(IP68)、high and low temperature resistance(-60 C~+240℃C)、high voltage resistance
◈ Harsh working environment:salt spray resistance、acid-resistance、anti-corrosion、anti-vibration、shock resistance
◈ Low electrical noise(less than 5 milliohm )、Isolation larger than 60dB、low loss for signal transmit.
◈ Can transmit analog signal,digital signal, phone signal etc at the same time.
◈ Can transmit large current with signal(current can up to 2000A)
◈ can design special slip ring as customer’s requirements
Typical application:marine Propulsion、harbour machinery、oil drilling platform、marine surveillance ship、scientific research ship、marine machinery